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About Baltra Ltd.

Full name of the company: Baltic transport agency "BALTRA"
Short name: "BALTRA" Ltd.
Exists on Russian market of cargo transportation by sea from September 1995. Carriage of import-export cargoes with handling (trans-shipment) via Seaport of Saint-Petersburg, involving sea, railway and road transport. We have long and profitable relations with Seaport of Saint-Petersburg, stevedoring companies, shipping lines, shipping agencies, road and railway companies.
Delivery of containerized, general, oversized and project cargoes by leading ocean shipping freighters with considerable discounts, customs clearing and customs transit via Baltic Customs of Saint-Petersburg, forwarding services, port storage, transport logistics.
Development and implementation of flexible schemes for " door - to - door" transportation eliminating delay of cargoes at sea port and terminals. Insurance of transporting cargo, liability.

We conduct survey and tally services, independent inspection for cargoes and transport equipment.

We have well-educated and qualified personnel to develop and perform any transport solution for benefits of our Clients.
For the most part the company's staff consists of the graduates from Saint-Petersburg State Maritime Academy named after admiral S.O. Makarov, Saint-Petersburg State University of Water Communications, Saint-Petersburg State Maritime Technical University.


Carriage of import-export cargoes by leading ocean shipping lines with handling (transshipment) via Seaport of Saint-Petersburg, flexible schemes of discounts on our services.
- TRANSPORTATION OF CARGOES IN SEA FREIGHT CONTAINERS - Our main specialization. The most widespread types of sea freight containers are as follows:

- To desire of the Client the chosen type of container can be dispatched for stuffing to the warehouse of the Shipper(Consignor) in almost any part of the world. Upon completion of loading the cargo inside container, the last is carried by land transport to the nearest convenient seaport /container terminal, where after customs clearing for export the container should be loaded on board of seagoing vessel. We can fix the sea carriage with any ocean shipping line, which could meet the requirements as for the cost of sea carriage (freight) and for the transit time between port of departure and port of destination.
- After arrival the container at the port of destination closest to the warehouse of Consignee, and after compulsory customs clearing is done the further delivery of the container could be organized by road or railway transport to the warehouse of Consignee. Such scheme of carriage has a slang name "door-to-door" transportation and can be arranged by our company, besides our Client (Shipper or Consignee) could be relieved from obligation to make a huge amount of contracts with each participant of the transport chain such as shipping line, stevedoring companies, customs broker, road and railway carriers and so on. Moreover we could insure the cargo from transport accidents, we could render consulting in foreign trade, Russian customs regulations and law.
- Sea carriage of general, oversized and project cargoes.


Development of optimal schemes for delivery of cargo involving sea shipping, air, road and railway transport via biggest trans-shipment hub of North-Eastern Russia - Seaport of Saint-Petersburg.

In order to minimize costs of storage nowadays more and more companies are looking toward "just-in-time" conception. It means first of all running business with lower stocks, so delivery of raw materials, semi-manufactured products, separate components for the end product or the product itself should be organized on strictly prescribed schedule.
Such definitions as a "physical distribution" or "logistics" obtains more popularity among
biggest corporation of the world.


Information of the proceeding and current location of the cargo
along prescribed route, monitoring and eliminating delays at trans-shipment points: sea
ports, container and railway terminals.


The most effective and fastest forwarding at Seaport of Saint-Petersburg: organization and monitoring of the terminal handling operations at sea-port, warehousing, cargo documentation, forwarding of road and railway trucks in/out Sea-port of Saint-Petersburg, returning empty containers to the stocks of the shipping lines. Organization and conducting necessary cargo inspections with customs, veterinary, quarantine, health or/and other state authorities with issuance of the appropriate certificates and statements.


Import/export cargo declaration on Baltic Customs of Saint-Petersburg. Representing of the interests of our clients on Baltic Customs. Organization and conducting necessary cargo inspections with customs, veterinary, quarantine, health or/and other state authorities with issuance of the appropriate certificates and statements.
Consulting in cargo code of TNVED, Russian customs law, regulations.
Customs transit via Sea-port of Saint-Petersburg within the territory of Russian Federation.


We can offer cargo insurance to our Clients while transporting their shipments. BALTRA Ltd. has a long and profitable relations with one of the biggest Russian insurance company "RESO-GARANTIA". We have the Policy of forwarders liability insurance No 928 106-SZ.
In case of necessity we could organize an armed guard of valuable cargoes while transporting through the territory of Russian Federation.


Temporary storage of import/export shipments at warehouses of Seaport of Saint-Petersburg. Covered, refrigerated warehousing at Saint-Petersburg area.


Consulting in foreign trade and transportation, drawing up the trade agreements, responsibilities of the Consignor and Consignee in accordance with international rules INCOTERMS-2000. Consulting in cargo code of TNVED, Russian customs law, regulations.



Company's office is situated in the proximity of Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg
to the address 2nd floor, liter "AX" (former building of Baltic Shipping Company), 5 Mezhevoy canal, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 198035,
Phone/fax: +7-812-327-40-44, 324-21-59, 114-99-06,


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